Board Minutes / May 2013

The meeting of the Litton Alumni BOD was called to order May 23, 2013 at 4:00.  Charles Kimbrough gave the invocation.
Present:  Jim Clift, Joyce Wray Fogarty, Jane Hagewood Steinhauer, Mary Ann Escue Baker, Gene Ward, Rhonda Bale, Melinda Hoffman, Hal Gibbs, Carole Bourque, Emily Burrow, Ted Wynne, Bill Stalker, Charles Kimbrough, Harvey Fischer and Jerry Kemp.
Absent:  Jack Benz, Cliff McRae, Shirley Parrish, Johnny Duval and Forrest Hulan.  Also present:  Shirley Ward and Jimmy Howell.
Ted Wynne made the motion to approve the minutes as sent.  Motion was seconded by Jim Clift.  The minutes were approved.  Jim Clift gave the treasurer’s report.  The report was approved as presented.
There are several people who will rotate off the BOD in July.  Charles Kimbrough suggested that at the All Class Reunion we present 10 names of people to serve on the BOD and it was suggested we ask if anyone in attendance would be willing to serve.
Shirley Ward said there were several people she had heard from who had not received the invitation to the All Class Reunion.  It was suggested we take names of people who did not receive the invitation and check the list to make sure we have the correct names on the list.
Bill Stalker said the letters for the marquee are in and he will pick them up the next couple of days.
Bill reported on the Football-Basketball Jamboree.  It will be held August 17th and should be a good fund raising for the Alumni Assc.
Bill met with Boots and Micah to discuss fund raising events for the alumni Assc.  They suggested we have Pee Wee Football leagues.  there are 32  teams committed already.  The events will be from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.
Concession stands will be set up at the main entrance to the field.
CEO at Robert Orr Sysco is getting prices  on lights and the audio system for the field.
Jimmy Howell commented that the lighting for the field would cost about $135,000 and he is going to ask the Memorial Foundation for a contribution  toward the lights.
It was reported that the Inglewood Neighborhood  Assc. is having their community meetings at the gym and are having a good turnout.
Bill Stalker reported that Wayne Parker had been asked to be the consultant on the Jamboree.
Bill made the motion we ask BIM to share in the costs of the tables and chairs that need to be purchased for the gym.  Half would be $200.00.  Charles Kimbrough seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
Harvey Fischer reported he had asked our insurance carrier to increase the number of people at the gym to 300 and to increase the coverage to two million dollars at no extra charge.
Bill Stalker said Micah will furnish six guys to help with parking if we feed them.
Mary Ann Baker asked what we need on the signs for that day.
Rhonda Bale offered to clean the kitchen for our event.
Linda Campbell and Don Filson were appointed to the nominating committee.
Harvey Fischer  will present the proclamation from the Governor naming ILHS the High School of the day in the State of Tennessee.
Ted Wynne announced Coach Cummings has written an autobiography and it is available from Tommy Patton.
Charles Kimbrough announced we would not meet every month unless we have something that needs attention.
Ted Wynne made the motion we adjourn.  Bill Stalker seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 5:00.