Board Minutes / June 2013

Isaac Litton Alumni Association – Board Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2013

The meeting of the Litton Alumni BOD was called to order by President Harry Fisher at 4pm on June 27th, 2013. Charles Kimbrough gave the invocation.

Board Members in attendance – Charles Kimbrough, Harvey Fischer, Mary Ann Baker, Joyce w. Fogarty, Gene Ward, Shirley Ward, Jack Benz, Melinda Hoffman, Linda H, Bill Stalker, Forest Hulan, Ted ivynne, Emily Burrow, Shirley Parrish, Jim Clift, Don Filson, Hal Gibbs.

Absent were Jerry Kemp, Carol Bourque, Linda Campbell, Jane Steinhauer.

Secretary’s Report – Jane Steinhauer

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Clift  presented the P&L report – also Mary Ann Baker
reported and additional $460 in brick sales from our 6-1-13 Alumni Day -Bill Stalker – gave receipt for roses he purchases – Motion to approve the report by Harvey Fischer – motion seconded and vote was approved.

Old Business:
Report on Alumni Luncheon – by Melinda Hoffman  – we had over 300 attendees, the program was long, discussion about changing reading the names of all the alumni who passed away the past year to putting their names on a program (over 90 names were read, class by class) – discussion on the number of attendees for next year and how to accommodate them

Update – ILAA Fall Youth Football Jamboree – Bill Stalker – Date is 8-17-2013 – he needs more details from Micah – this lead to a discussion about the Security of the building – it’s a definite issue with doors being left wide open at times – there are 7 keys to the building (Micah, Bill Stalker, Ted Wynne, Jimmy Howell, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Ann Baker and the 7th Key will go to the Watts Insurance Agency (within a 100 yards from the Property – need to have Carol post this on the internet

Report on Funds for Lighting the Football Field – Charles Kimbrough -will report on this after we have the Jamboree.

Johnny Green has resigned from the board.

New Business:
Two Board Seats to be filled – report by Bill Stalker – had three alumni who were interested:  Bill Davis 71 – Judy Butler 70 – Mack Sawyer 66 -Judy Butler (declined) and Mack Sawyer lives in M’boro – Charles Kimbrough nominated Bill Davis (71), motion seconded, voted in, all ayes – Bill Davis will be the 21st board member – per the by-law, the Board is Full.

Board Member’s Terms – Charles Kimbrough – will report on this next month

Committee Appointments – Charles Kimbrough
Lions Den – Mary Ann Baker
Merchandise – Linda Parrish and Jerry Parrish
Jamboree – Bill Davis and Jack Benz
Building Committee – Ted Wynne
Building Issues with gym cleaning, Charles Kimbrough has met Jimmy Howell – we have a mess with the gym, the principle of the junior high, Mr. Bruce has told the janitors not to clean it, and this creates a health issue, he will meet with school board members, the local councilman to work on this issue

Brick Memorial – Jane Steinhauer – General discussion about orders and problems with misspelled names – we have nine New orders – we had a request to change the price from one class, we discussed this, motion from Forest Huland to leave the cost at $60, seconded by Hal Gibbs, motion passed – in the past, Jimmy Howell has handled this, we need to redirect the bill and get a better idea of the orders,

Picnic on Sept 28 at Drew Maddux farm
Next board meeting – 7-25-2014 at 4pm
New board member – Don Filson, Class of 62
Thank you from Harvey Fischer for the gift
Harvey Fisher will contact Bill Davis to congratulate him on being our newest member
Report of Bill Benz and Ned Benz

Question on if Shirley will continue to assist Jim Clift with the treasury, she will continue

Motion to adjourn – seconded and passed