Board Minutes / October 2013


Isaac Litton Alumni Association Board of Director’s Meeting
October 24th, 2013

In attendance – Harvey Fischer, Jerry Kemp, Hal Gibbs, Mary Ann Baker, Carol Bourque, Emily Burrow, Linda Parrish Campbell, Don Filson, Joyce Fogarty, Forrest Hulan, Linda Hutcherson, Shirley Johnston Parrish, Gene Ward and Ted Wynne

Absent – Charles Kimbrough, Jim Clift, Jack Benz, Bill Davis and Melinda Hoffman

Meeting called to order – the meeting was called to order by Secretary, Hal Gibbs. President Charles Kimbrough was absent due to the death of a close friend. Hal Gibbs ran the meeting as per the request of Charles Kimbrough

Prayer by – Gene Ward

Minutes – minutes were approved

Financial Report – Jim Clift was not present. No report given.

Old Business

From Gene Ward – this is a story about Bud Adams. Years ago, he came to a meeting and delivered a check for $100,000 to the Alumni Association for our remodeling project. Gene was actually there for this meeting. Gene has more info and will forward this to Carol so that this can be put on the web-site.

Election of a President-Elect – there were two names in the discussion, Jim Clift and Bill Davis. Jim Clift was voted in as our President-Elect. He will serve as both that position and treasurer for a period of time.

Building Report – Ted Wynne

Event Bookings – the Reunions from the Classes of 53 & 63 went well. The Litton Kittens from the Class of 64 also had a luncheon. Future bookings are for Dec 6th and 20th (BIM) and also a booking for Sept of 2014


Building & Maintenance

The board approved $800 for a water drainage test to determine where the gutters drain.

The contractor came out and did the test and there were no results. About 1000 gallons of water went down the drains and there were no visible signs of water drainage at the back side of the gym.

Windows in Lions Hall – Metro finally finished reinforcing the windows which gave way in our first flood.

Tree on the south side of the gym – will need to be cut down soon

Creation of a “punch list” for small jobs in the future

Marque sign – report by Don Filson, he purchased a ladder for $35 so that

We will have a ladder to change the sign when needed

Floor for the Board Room – both of the floods ruined the carpet. Ideas for

Replacing the floor include: tile with price of $1150 – wood grain rubber blanks with price of $2500 and a tie together floor at $3500 – Ted will need Input from the board members on the choice of flooring

Picnic Report – no report at this time due to Jack Benz not attending

Committee Report on Preservation of the Veteran’s Service Flag – as per the input of the textile expert from the State Museum, the minimum thing to do is to install a shade system to cover up the flag except for special events. This will delay the deterioration of the flag and stop the future damage from the sun. Discussion from Mary Ann Baker that she will get a price from someone she knows to get a shade for it.

Government Affairs Committee – Harvey Fisher asked for any board members that are interested in meeting with both local and state officials on a regular basis to develop a rapport with these officials. The goal is to get funding from the State or Metro.

Discussion on the Duke Building – the Duke building has been ignored. BIM was using it and then Metro took it over. We have no key for it. If we can get in, we need to take pictures of the condition of the building.

New Business

Meeting with Metro Schools with Tom Hatfield – Charles will set up a meeting soon

Carol Bourque – Jerry Newman is working on two things. First, a Universal Calendar that will be posted on the web-site. It will allow everyone to check on the availability of booking the gym or Lions Hall. Both Jerry and Ted would have administrative rights on the calendar and only then can make changes to the calendar. Second, he is working to combine both the email address and the mailing address. We will save money on postage by not duplicating messages to people that have both.

Also – at the Class of 63 Reunion – sold $680 worth of merchandise — 28 mugs and 60 hats

Meeting Dates for both November and December. Both have our regular meeting days occurring on holidays. President, Charles Kimbrough will email out meeting dates soon.

Report on Backfield in Motion – what is needed for Halloween and Christmas – report by Mary Ann Baker – the kids need help. She is requesting that we put together 80-90 gift packs for the kids for Christmas. They also need a Christmas tree and decorations. She requested that an email be sent out requesting both actual help and donations from our alumni.

Sound system – our system got wet in the floods and needs repair. Need to find someone who can repair it.

Cabinet donation by Skipper Dean – has donated more cabinets and these need to be hung in 3 different areas in Lions Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm