Board Minutes / June 2012

The regular meeting of the Litton Alumni BOD was called to order at 3:57 pm, June 28th, 2012 by President Bill Stalker.

Present: Jane Steinhauer, Forrest Hulan, Harvey Fischer, Emily Burrow, Donnie Green,Ted Wynne, MaryAnn Baker, Shirley Parrish, Jim Howell, Jimmy Clift, Melinda Hoffman, Charles Kimbrough, Jerry Kemp, Rhonda Bale, Jack Benz, Joyce Wray Fogarty, Shirley Ward, Gene Ward, Bill Stalker.

Absent: Carol Bourque, Cliff McRae, Linda Hutchinson, Larry Collier, Johnny Duval

The meeting was opened with prayer by Jimmy Howell.

President Stalker asked for motion to approve minutes as delivered to members. Motion was made, seconded, and passed.

President Stalker asked for report on the all class reunion.

Shirley Ward, Chairperson reported everything was great. There were about 165 people in attendance. The food was very good. Shirley asked to be relieved of her duties as Chairman of the annual reunion.

Jim Clift, Treasurer, gave the financial report.

Jimmy Howell reported on the gym. The police were removing the exercise equipment from the building and there was a question as to how they were able to enter the building. The equipment had been stored at the gym for quite some time. Ted Wynne reported the principal of the middle school was on vacation and he had just put the keys on the top of his desk and one of his employees gave them to the police. Ted suggested the members of the BOD be given keys to the outside doors and if they go into the building they will have to sigh in if they get a key to the inside doors. Be sure they return the keys and sign off when they return the keys.

Ted Wynne reported the handicap lift has a phone in case someone has a problem while in the lift.

Bill Stalker stated he would like for the keys to the doors be made available before we have a problem.

The Open House Committee reported the event is scheduled for August 11th from 10:00 to 5:00 and August 12 from 2:00 to 5:00. There will be a ribbon cutting and formal opening on the 11th at about 11:00. At 1:15 the BIM group will have a short football game in the stadium. Melinda Hoffman reported on refreshments for the open house. Cookies, punch and all the trimmings will run about $1.00 to $1.50 per person. The guess as to number to attend is about 500.

Charles Kimbrough said he will get Charles Bone to ask the mayor and Representative Cooper to attend the ribbon cutting. Harvey Fischer will ask Thelma Harper and Beth Harwell to attend.

Donnie Green will take care of publicity on TV and radio.

The design for the hard copy for the invitations was discussed.

Charles Kimbrough said he will send announcements to the newspapers in the area.

Larry Collier sent word that the website would be ready to launch before the next board meeting.

The question was raised as to why the security request would not be taken care of by MNPS. They have requested that we have someone who lives close to the gym would be available to answer a call if there was a problem at the gym.

Bill Stalker commented on the request to post pictures and info on graduates who have made a contribution to the community and society since graduating. He thought we should only post things graduates did during their school years. He suggested we put the names on the website instead of posting in the board room.

Jack Benz reported that Gary Benz will donate 500 cups for us to sell. We need to establish a price to charge for them. He will also provide 50 more shirts for us to sell.

Jack stated the annual picnic will be the last Saturday in September at the Maddox farm in Gallatin.

Bill said he would contact Johnny Duval about the next BLAST to be published before the open house.

The President thanked the BOD for allowing him to be President. Jimmy Howell said our BOD gym project was a great project and he had been working 14 years on it and he believed it was finally coming to completion.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.