Board Minutes / May 2015

Isaac Litton Alumni Association

Minutes – Board of Director’s Meeting 5-28-15

Members Present – Jim Clift, Charles Kimbrough, Harvey Fischer, Jerry Kemp, Hal Gibbs, Mary Ann Escue Baker, Jack Benz, Carol Bourque, Emily Burrow, Phil Watts, Kay Cunningham, Shirley Ward, Joyce Fogarty, Gene Ward, Ted Wynne, Karren Frazier Andrews

Members Absent – Melinda Hoffman, Shirley Johnston Parrish, Jane Steinhauer

Prayer – Jerry Kemp

Secretary’s Report – motion to accept minutes, seconded, vote was all ayes

Treasurer’s Report – by Charles Kimbrough — a question from Harvey Fischer about the $60 we spend on pest control every month, is this something that Metro Schools should be paying for???? — Great job by Shirley Johnston Parrish for getting the inventory numbers and cost of inventory correct, we now have the correct amount of $5747 vs $1900, quite a difference in assets — income, due to the alumni lunch, we have collected dues, donations and payments for the luncheon with a $3785 deposit with more coming in every day….. bank balance is over $16,000 — motion to approve the report, seconded with a vote of all ayes

Old Business

Term Limits – the current by-laws calls for the office of President to serve for a total of 6 years with two years as President Elect, two as President and two as Past President — there was a big discussion on the learning curve of the position — for Board Members, the time is for three years —– Secretary Hal Gibbs read the minutes from the 4-25-14 & 5-22-14 meetings where we had voted to change the bylaws about term limits— from Charles Kimbrough, the by-laws state that to change them, you have to wait 10 days and then vote on the change again – this did not happen in both April and May last year, therefore the changes that we voted on never were changed due to this technicality, so the current by-laws still exist – with these facts, Carol Bourque stated that she would have never agreed to serving a total of 6 years for being President for one year – there was a motion to change the by-laws for the office of President to one year each for President Elect, President and Past President, it was seconded and a vote of all ayes, per the by-laws, will have to vote on this again next meeting to officially change the by-laws —– discussion on open slots for new board members, Melinda Hoffman, Chairman of the Nominating Committee was not present, so Carol Bourque reported for her using Melinda’s email. We have 6 great candidates including Donna Summers, Skip Dean, Dave Brawner, Mary Ridings, Jim Caldwell, Tom Trebing, but only 5 slots as per our by-laws (15 to 21 members) — discussion was that over the years, the board had a hard time filling the slots because people did not want to serve on the board, so now we have more people wanting to serve than the allotted number of slots per the by-law, so we need to change them —there was a motion to change the by-laws to increase the number of board members, it was seconded with a vote of all ayes, will have to vote again next month to officially change the by-laws —- The following board members will not return to the board: Shirley and Gene Ward and Jerry Kemp are retiring from the Board. Unfortunately, Forrest Hulan passed away.

Nomination of new officers – the list of officers includes Past President, President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer — right now, Jim Clift will be Past President, Carol Bourque will be President, Phil Watts will be President Elect and Melinda Hoffman said she would volunteer to be Treasurer — that leaves the position of Secretary — from Hal Gibbs, I was never asked if I wanted to be Secretary, at my first meeting, I was asked to take the job, I have served for two years and do not want to do the job any more, will be glad to assist the person assigned to the job – was asked by Harvey Fischer to do the job for at least 6 months, Hal refused and said give it to a new person —- agreement to ask one of the new 6 board members if they would do it – agreement that Hal gibbs would assist the new person for the first two months….

The new officers will start their duties on July 1st, 2015. From Harvey Fischer, will there be term limits on the new board members coming in.

Alumni Lunch – Shirley Ward — as of today, we have 98 coming and have had lots of mail coming in every day – our speaker will be Bill Beck — deceased list will be done by Jerry Newman, we have lost 88 people since last year – there was a question of who will lead the singing, either Charles Kimbrough or Carl McElvey — Jerry Newman will send out another email soon – from Jack Benz, we made a mistake and did not put the picnic information in the mailer that we sent out – we have done the picnic for 27 years and will have to send out a separate mailer for that event – there was a question of how to honor Forrest Hulan at the Luncheon, discussion on when to do it during the program – elections, Hal Gibbs will do the election during the program (was told that he did it last year, he did not remember that)

Goals and Purposes – Kay Cunningham —- gave out a handout — will make up sign in sheets for each committee to use at events, hopefully we will get more volunteers which gives us more manpower —- there was a motion to adopt these guidelines, it was seconded and a vote of all ayes

Alumni of the Year – Jane Steinhauer was not present at the meeting — Kay Cunningham asked why this was such a secretive thing, why not an open list – discussion of how and why it’s been done over the years – consensus was to keep it the way it’s been done in the past

Sports Days – Hal Gibbs — asked the board for volunteers for the event — date is 8-1-15 from 11am to 3pm — discussed our search for “football game film” and the results we’ve had so far—still a question if we will charge admission or have it as a free event – also a question if we want to do food —

Band Day – Oct 17th, will have a spaghetti supper as a fund raiser – there is the thought of having the middle school band perform during the event

New Business

Backfield in Motion – will be back on June 1st, Dr. Bruno will be giving classrooms to BIM – from

Charles Kimbrough, need to write a letter to Dr. Bruno thanking him for this —- the

Duke Building was toured and it has been cleaned up – discussion on storage of our belongings and BIM,

We paid a lot of money to have the storage closets built in the bathrooms, so their belongings

need to be stored there – the storage closet in Lion’s Hall will be re-keyed, it will be for our

merchandise and other belongings (chairs, tables, etc.), after this is done, will have to limit who

has keys

Building – Ted Wynne

Security system – Ted is learning more about our security system and is now able to go back and

identify who is coming into the building by the numerous cameras. And we are having problems

with exterior doors not being locked and we don’t have keys for all the doors.

The bats are back and Jamie Odom from Metro Maintenance has located their entry/exit point and is working to close up this opening.

Bookings/reservation — everything has been smooth, but had a glitch with BIM this coming Saturday coming back to using the building when another even had been booked – will have to get their schedule and coordinate with ours – Mary Ann brought up that Dr. Bruno should check with us and give us their schedule for gym events so we don’t have conflicts. At this time, we have 4 groups using the facility: ILHS Alumni Association, Litton Middle School, BIM and the Inglewood Neighborhood Association and we need to co-ordinate all events to reduce potential conflicts. From Ted, requested that Hal Gibbs send email concerning use of Lion’s Hall for Sports Day on August 1st. A reminder that to book the facility, an email has to be sent to Ted requesting the use of the facility.

Stage Curtains – still not fixed yet, waiting on Metro to do something about this

Lights on Flag Pole –Ted called Metro Maintenance and their fix to our lighting issue is to install above ground lighting fixtures. These would be ground level, thus creating a hazard to people walking by. For safety, we need flush mounted lights, therefore no potential for anyone tripping over the fixtures. – Will come back to his, both Ted and Hal have connections to electricians that may be able to do this at a reduced rate compared to the bid we currently have.

Stripping/polishing floor – cost is about $500 and Ted hopes to have this done by the first of July

Locking Doors – Dr. Bruno is anxious to re-key the building and if so, we need a key for all doors so we can lock the doors when we find the building unsecure. – From Charles Kimbrough, he has Jim Howell’s keys in his car and will give them to Ted, he doesn’t know, but there might be a key for the outside doors.

Bim – as they come back to using our facility, the question is if they will still want to consider building a facility on our grounds. After several changes with the building design, we were happy with the changes. There are still questions on parking size etc….

Building use for a TV shoot – have been approached by the TV show Nashville about shooting in the gym in mid-June. From Charles Kimbrough, we need to be very careful about what is shot here, he saw something happy in Hendersonville where an elected official allowed something to shoot footage in his office and it turned out to be a very negative experience. Therefore, we need to know what will be shot and if there are any negatives or sexual situations in the script. From Mary Ann, Tennessee Crossroads may also want to shoot a story on the Lion’s Den.

From Mary Ann – recently the gym was trashed badly. The bleachers had been bolted down which makes it difficult to clean under them. From Carol, they now have to use a blower to get all of the trash out from under the bleachers

Lion’s Den/Lion’s Hall – from Mary Ann — The composites are done and if we wish to proceed then we need to vote on having them printed. This is just for printing costs and the bill will be $513.95. There was a motion to have this done. It was seconded and the vote was all ayes. The next step is having them framed.

Outreach Program – Phil Watts

We have a reception planned for the incoming Middle School 5th grade students and their parents in Lion’s Hall on 8-8-15. We hope to make this an annual event. We will be inviting 150 students and their families this year. Hopefully, Dr. Bruno and some of his staff will be present. We will need volunteers. Will serve light refreshments and finger food. Will have our regular table and chair set-up along with all of our extra chairs setup. There will be a short program. Will investigate hiring a caterer for this event.

Other thoughts about interacting with the Middle School – from Carol Bourque

Concession stand – possible help with construction

Band Trip – the Middle School band has a trip planned and will have a $2500 transportation bill. Discussion on contributing money to assist them. Last year, we contributed $1000 for their Community Garden. From Charles Kimbrough, what if we contribute what we did last year for this year. Will discuss more at the next meeting.

Email list – from Kaaren, still working on email list

Alumni Luncheon on 13th, request all board members be there at 10am to help set-up.

Closet organization – will need to purchase at least 4 tubs for organization — question on if the room that BIM has used for football will be needed by them or if we will be able to use it. 

Next meeting will be June 25, 2015 at 4pm

Motion to adjourn