Board Minutes / June 2015

Isaac Litton Alumni Association – Board of Director’s Meeting

June 25, 2015

Members Present – Carol Bourque, Phil Watts, Jim Clift, Melinda Hoffman, Hal Gibbs, Ted Wynne, Charles Kimbrough, Harvey Fischer, Jack Benz, Emily Burrow, Joyce Fogarty, Jane Steinhauer, Kay Cunningham, Kaaren Frazier Andrews, David Brawner, Tom Trebing, Donna Summers Smith, Mary Ann Escue Baker

Members Absent – Shirley Johnston Parrish, Jim Caldwell, Skip Dean, Mary Ridings

Prayer – Jack Benz

Secretary Report – Hal Gibbs – the only addition to the minutes, need to add Shirley Johnston Parrish to the attendance report, she came in late at the last meeting. Motion/accept the minutes, was seconded, vote was all ayes

Treasurer Report – Charles Kimbrough – Financially, we are doing well, this is the best year ever for collection of dues, donations and merchandise sales. Because we did so well, we had a problem at Regions, our bank. We had so many transactions that they charged us a $153.00 service fee. Have never had this happen before. Went to see a Bank Officer and they are trying to resolve this because we usually have two months a year where there are a lot of transactions. They are trying to see if they can work this out because the other months have very little transactions. Charles is thinking of moving to a new bank if they cannot get this worked out. We have been with them for years. —- Asked Shirley Ward about still acting as asst. treasurer even though she has retired from the board. She agreed and her duties will consist of checking the mail and making deposits. Motion/accept the report, was seconded, vote was all ayes

Introduction of New Board Members – three of our new members were present today and were introduced: Donna Summers Smith, Dave Brawner and Tom Trebing – absent were Jim Caldwell, Mary Ridings and Skip Dean

Old Business

Annual Luncheon – Our thanks go to Shirley Ward and her volunteers for the great job they did for the luncheon. We had the largest turnout that we have ever had with 165 attendees. Shirley said everyone was happy with the entire day with no complaints. Our speaker, Bill Beck, had an excellent speech and it was short and sweet and was focused on Litton and the Inglewood neighborhood. —- We had 4 people sign up as volunteers for our different committees. — Merchandise sales, sold $279 in shirts, hats, etc….

Fundraising/Special Events – Sports Day – Hal Gibbs – Everything is coming together for the event. It was recommended that we include RSVP on our web-page, the Blast, group email and Facebook. Will add the event date to our Sign about the middle of July. Several board members volunteered to help that day.

Community Outreach – Litton Middle School Reception – Phil Watts – First thing to report is that Dr. Bruno is leaving to go to Kentucky. He’s moving so his family will be close to a sick relative. We wish him well. Even though there were problems in our dealings with him along the way, he did a good job as Principle of the Middle School. In the last year, our relations changed as he realized we could help him and the middle school. — He will be replaced with Chara Rand. The basic plan is the same, but she wants to start at the Middle School and then come over to our building at the end of the event. There are 150 new 5th Graders, so there is a potential for 350 people for food/drinks. She wants this to be a joint venture, not our event. Plans for the program include 1) her and the faculty 2) our group with Phil Watts, Harvey Fischer, Carol Bourque and Larry Collier

Band Day – Carol Bourque – the committee consists of Carol, Larry Collier, Jay Dawson, Cybil ???? and Dave Brawner – event day will be Saturday, Oct 17th with the tentative time of noon for a spaghetti luncheon –tickets will be sold in advance – they will promote the event in the Blast, web-page, email and Facebook – will also work on creating a Band database – the event will include a program and the possibility of the Middle School Band performing in the gym – the price per person has not been set yet

Board and Officers Term Limits for officers– see the Handout – the vote on these items will change our By-laws. These items were discussed at the last meeting. Due to the by-laws, we had to wait to the next meeting to vote on these changes.

Page 2 & 4

Page 2 – VI – A 2 the Motion was to change by-laws and allow up to 25 board members (old by-laws the total was 21) – Motion/accepted and seconded, vote was all ayes

Page 4 – VIII # 1 – There was a motion to change the By-laws for the length of the office of President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer – to serve for a one year term – Motion/accepted and seconded, vote was all ayes

Still to be decided – the term limits of board members – to be discussed at a later meeting

Grounds/Facility – Ted Wynne – Events, at this time we have 9 events booked **Bats, have not seen any lately ** Lights by the flag pole, we now have working above ground lights on the flag pole and the flag is now flying ** Stage Curtains, still waiting to see if Metro can get these working ** Charles Kimbrough asked that since we now have a new Principle that we have a walk-through with her and Carol (our new President) and Ted. We need for her to know our concerns and problem areas ** Cleaning and waxing the floors will be done soon ** Locking the doors, Mary Ann Baker reported that the State of Tennessee came by one day for a walk-through on the building informed her that all of the doors are to be locked, hopefully with the new principle, that we can get a set of keys for all of the doors (both exterior and interior) to the facility ** Damage issue, BIM kids knocked a toilet paper holder off the wall, have talked to Micah, they are responsible for this, Harvey Fischer recommended that there should be a monitor (one of the older kids) assigned to watch the facility every day that are there and if there are any issues, they are to report it, this will create a position with responsibilities and should help with developing maturity and character ** thanks to the Class of 55, they left us with a nice sign for the entry into Lion’s Hall ** question on the TV show Nashville wanting to use the GYM for a tv/film shoot – and if there will be money involved, who would get it??? – need to discuss this with the new principle


New Business

Committee Reports

Class Reps/Memberships – Kaaren Frazier Andrews – we are going through an ongoing process with the updating of email addresses, people are changing them all the time and we are constantly updating them – still working on getting class reps for all classes

Communications Committee - Kay Cunningham – no report

Memorabilia/Lion’s Den – Mary Ann Baker – have received 10 composites from Louis Lampley – thanks to him and all of his hard work for recreating these composites – she recommended giving a gift certificate to him for his hard work on this project – this will complete all of our class composites

Helping Middle School with a Concession Stand – Harvey Fischer – has an idea on location, will discuss this more at the next meeting

Shirley Ward – will be rotating off the board, but will stay on to work on Committees – she will continues to pick up mail and post deposits and will forward them to Melinda – will also continue to take care of the obituaries and forward them to Jerry Newman –

Memorial Wall – Jane Steinhauer – yesterday we added 23 more names to the Wall (there is a 12 name minimum), they cleaned the wall and sealed it, we may have to pay for the sealer

Inglewood Neighborhood Association – showed up recently for a meeting with no appointment, luckily for them, Ted was here for something else, if not, the building would have been locked – they need to schedule the facility

Discussion on storage and location of table/chairs – Ted Wynne wants them in the locked storage closet – others wanted them moved to the bathroom

Thank you from Jim Clift – as a thank you for his service as President, he was given a nice ink pen for his hard work as we make progress evolving from a construction project to a working group with a goal

Sound system – Hal Gibbs – purchased a small powered speaker and stand, it is a start to replace the podium that was damaged in the flood – will sell it to the board for $96 – there was a motion to buy it/accepted and seconded, vote was all ayes

Gene Ward – even though he is retiring from the board, he has been here for 30 years and is still available to help out

Mary Ann Baker – she is also retiring from the Board – thanks to all of her hard work in putting together the Lion’s Den and the composites

Next Meeting – will be Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 at 4pm

Meeting Adjourned

After the close of our meeting, we had an unusual series of events where the Board had to make decisions by an email vote or other events happened that affect the Board – all of these emails will be put with the regular minutes for that month.


7-1-15 Email from Carol Bourque to Hal Gibbs concerning the Secretary position – Donna Smith is willing to take on the job, but needs three months to ease into the position and is willing to start full time on 10—1-15

7-13-15 Reply from Hal Gibbs to Carol Bourque – agreed to do the job until 10-1-15

7-5-15 Email from Carol Bourque to all Board Members – 1) – we have had a major change in the plans for our reception for the Middle School kids/families – The new principle, Chara Rand, wants her and the faculty to be more involved in this and wants our involvement to be as a joint effort. There will be numerous changes, first is the date and time. She wants this to take place before school starts on 8-1-15, so the new date is Tuesday, 7-28-15 at 6:30pm. Most of the activities will take place at the Middle School and the last activity of the night will be a tour of the Alumni Gym facility. We will still have an opportunity to be involved in the program. Carol asked for an online vote to accept these changes 2) Carol hopes to streamline our meetings and wants the Committee Chairperson to prepare a report that either can be emailed to all of the Board Members before the Board Meeting or have a handout for each board member at the meeting.

7-6-5 Email from Carol Bourque to all Board Members – we had a majority vote on the change of plans for our reception – Carol and Phil Watts have prepared a letter that will go out with the invitation that Chara Rand will be sending out.

7-11-15 – Email from Carol Bourque to all Board Members – final details on the plans for 7-28-15

7-12-15 – Email from Carol Bourque to all Board Members – Subject was the framing of the last five composites – VOTE REQUIRED – cost to be about $1150.60 with an additional $50 for labor for the hanging of the composites –

7-13-15Email from Carol Bourque to all Board Members – we had a majority vote for this, but a new complication – has been informed from Mary Ann Baker that there are 10 composites that need to be framed, not 5, but the cost will not change

7-15-15 – Email from Hal Gibbs to Carol Bourque/reply –part of this email concerns the situation with the family of Butch and Sue Shaw. The Class of 61 is attempting to raise money for their son’s health situation and would like to use the Alumni Database to send out a mass email about this situation. Hal Gibbs has had a couple of phone calls and several emails about this. Carol’s opinion is that this situation requires a vote by the board. This is based on that are a lot of tough situations in our Alumni Community and we want to give all of them our consideration. This topic is on our agenda.


End of information