Board Minutes / July 2015

Isaac Litton Alumni Association – Board of Director’s Meeting

July 23, 2015

Members Present – Carol Bourque, Phil Watts, Jim Clift, Melinda Hoffman, Hal Gibbs, Ted Wynne, Charles Kimbrough, Jack Benz, Emily Burrow, Joyce Fogarty, Shirley Johnstone Parrish, Kay Cunningham, Kaaren Frazier Andrews, David Brawner, Skip Dee, Tom Trebing, Donna Summers Smith

Members Absent – Harvey, Fischer, Jane Steinhauer, Jim Caldwell, Mary Ridings

Prayer – Charles Kimbrough

Secretary Report – from Hal Gibbs, will start something new to remind everyone of what we did last meeting by reading all of the motions that were passed – hopefully, this will keep us more on track especially if we pass a motion on changing the bylaws where you have to wait 10 days before you can vote on it again – read thru the four motions that were brought up in the 6-25-15 meeting – and will need to add one name to the minutes, missed the last name of Cybill who will be working on “Band Day”, was given the name of Cybill Shepard Levy, will add her to the final version of the minutes — there was a motion to accept the minutes, it was seconded with a vote of all ayes (Motion # 1)

Treasurer Report – from Charles Kimbrough – looked back at our finances over the past several years to get an idea of how we are doing – figures are January to December – for 2012, we lost $4000 – for 2013, we profited $3800 – for 2014, we profited $7400 – and for January to June of 2015, we are up $10,000 – so we are definitely doing better on many levels —- balancing the books, am off six cents, at this point, Charles put six cents on the table and said we are balanced —- will ask Jim Clift to do an audit of the books before they are turned over to Melinda — held off the vote to approve the report until the audit is finished and can then vote at the next meeting

There were several notes at the start of the meeting.

From Jack Benz – Jack had a question on the deaths that are reported every month, says he can present it every month. Decision was made to keep it the way it is with Shirley checking the obits and then turning that info into Jerry Newman.

From Ted Wynne – he had the Glass Vase that was awarded to Coach Cummings as he was inducted into the TSSAA Hall of Fame. He wants it kept here at Litton. Will be in the Lion’s Den. Drew Maddux accepted it for him.

From President Carol Bourque – I want to have efficient and quick meetings every month. We have a lot of information to go through and I do not want us here for long meetings. For my first meeting as President, I would like for us to go around the room and tell everyone about yourself. This will take some time, but I think we will all know each other a little better. At this point, every board member in attendance was able to do a brief bio for everyone.

Old Business

Nominations for secretary – Melinda Hoffman nominated Donna Summer Smith for this office. If elected, will assume the office as of 10-1-15. From Charles Kimbrough, by acclamation. All ayes (Motion # 2)

Reception at the Middle SchoolPhil Watts –will beon Tuesday, 7-28-15 at 6:30pm – Phil has met with the new principle, Chara Rand, and is excited that we will be working with her on this project – we will have four speakers on the program and our part will last 15 minutes – Phil encouraged everyone to wear Litton shirts and name tags and to mingle with the guests and make them feel at home — please arrive at 5:45p to 6pm to help set up — the theme of the reception will be “Welcome to the Time of your Life” ————discussion on the Concession Stand, Harvey Fischer sent a message to keep him in the loop on this, will try to work with someone on Capitol Hill to provide funding for this.

Sports Day – Hal Gibbs –handed out a 3 page handout for the plans for the 8-1-15 event are progressing – Press releases have been sent to all three major local networks, the Tennessean, we already were mentioned in the Sunday Tennessean in the Sports Section (thanks to Mike Organ) – was asked to also send releases to both CH 17 News and the both Hendersonville newspapers (will do that) – discussion on best ways to help cook food — discussion on several motions –

30 for Litton”, idea from Hal Gibbs, we have numerous football game films on 16mm film, to view these we have to have them transferred to DVD and this will be an expensive process (estimate $2500 to $3000), Hal does not feel that the alumni association should pay for the entire sum because this is not something that every alumni would be interested in, therefore he proposes that we ask for 30 alumni (sports minded) to each donate $100 for a fund to transfer these game films. There was a motion to create this special fund that will be used for this exclusive purpose with the conditions that 1) if any money was left over, it would go to the general fund 2) if we raised $3000 and it cost up to $3500 for the project, then the alumni association would pay up to $500 for the extra cost with the understanding that the alumni association could profit from these transfers thereby helping the entire alumni base not just the sports minded alumni – motion on this, it was seconded with a vote of all ayes (motion # 3).

Making copies of existing Game films that are now on DVD for resale – we now have several DVDs each containing multiple games that we can package for sale — to do that will cost money, would like to see the board allocate up to $1000 for this purpose – Hal Gibbs had a motion to allocate up to $1000 for the cost of providing DVDs for sale — motion seconded with a vote of all ayes (motion # 4).

Custom T-Shirt, Isaac Litton Athletic Department – showed shirt design, discussion on ordering shirts, motion to order 36 shirts, was seconded with a vote of all ayes (motion # 5).

Presentation of Bob Cummings trophy – he was awarded a trophy for the TSSAA Hall of Fame – Coach Cummings wanted us to have the trophy in the Lion’s Den – will have a special presentation on Sports Day

Band Day – Dave Brawner – will be Oct 17th, for this event, will sell tickets in advance for a spaghetti luncheon with a limit of 150 – from Mary Ann Baker, says she has the original recipe – for this event, will also work on a special “band database” – there might be a special concert from the Middle School Band – more info to follow with committee working on finalizing getting a caterer for the event

Communication Committee – Kaye Cunningham – presented a framed copy of our plan for the Board Room – working on developing an information packet for new board members

Class Representative Committee – Kaaren Frazier Andrews – we are still working on updating the database, as we work through it, there is a constant list of changes that Jerry is working on….

Lion’s Den – Carol Bourque – there was discussion on spending money to finish the composites – motion to spend the money to finish the project, motion 2nd with a vote of all ayes (motion # 6) – special thanks to Lewis Lampley for all of his hard work on this project – will post a special thank you to him in the next issue of the Blast

Grounds – Facility Committee – Ted Wynne – future bookings include:

July 28th, Middle School reception

August 1st, Sports Day

August 4th, INA meeting

August 22nd, Class of 60 Reunion

Sept 12th, Class of 72

Sept 19th, Class of 65

Sept 26th, Class of 70

Sept 22, INA Fund Raising Super

Oct 17th Band Day

there is a date in Sept where Ted will not be available and Don Filson will cover for him that weekend

over the last couple of months, have discussed renting the facility out for film/tv use – just had Revolution Pictures come in and for three full days of filming – paid us $600 for the facility – also had another band come in and paid $250 for a full day —- Ted has checks to be deposited with $850 total

Ted brought up a request from a non-Litton alumni to book the facility for a luncheon, there were several question: from Tom Trebing, question on our insurance/liability…… from Dave Brawner, legal questions, do we have a contract we use (he has sample contracts to show us)…….from Jack Benz, what does our policy say???? —– Dave Brawner says he does contract work and will be glad to look at our insurance policy and review it for us —- we discussed developing a handout for booking events, would include the prices we set: if under 50 attendees, charge $50 for the use of the room — if over 50 attendees, we charge $100 for the use of the facility ——– the air conditioner was fixed in the Lion’s Den —– also, the floor was stripped and waxed at a cost of $500 —