Board Minutes / January 2016



JANUARY 28, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kaaren Andrews, Jack Benz, Ricky
Binkley, Carol Bourque, Dave Brawner, Emily Burrow, Jimmy Clift,
Kay Cunningham, Skip Dean, Harvey Fischer, Melinda Hoffman,
Shirley Parrish, Donna Smith, and Phil Watts

MEMBERS ABSENT: Jim Caldwell, Mickey Collier, Joyce Fogarty,
Charles Kimbrough, and Mary Ridings. Tom Trebing has resigned
from the Board.

PRAYER: Phil Watts


MINUTES: Donna Smith announced that the minutes for November
are delayed due to computer problems and will be voted on in

TREASURER: Melinda Hoffman presented the figures from
November/December as well as the year-end report. This was an
outstanding financial year for the ILAA. Treasurer’s Report was
approved unanimously.


COMMITTEES: Any member of the Board who is not serving on a
committee needs to choose one on which to serve. Many of us serve
on more than one as we are a working board and need 100%

SIGNAGE: The “rules” signage has been prepared and hung
throughout Lions’ Hall. This information will help all who use Lions’
Hall for various purposes.

MERCHANDISE: Shirley Parrish reported on the number of
football DVDs sold. There were about 155 originally and about 22
were sold. Shirley will get an exact inventory breakdown for the
February meeting.

GROUNDS/BUILDING COMMITTEE: Carol Bourque reported that
this committee is progressing but there is much work still to be done.
They will meet prior to the February meeting to organize the needs of
the building. Dave Brawner agreed to head this committee. Carol
has prepared an Events packet.

Carol also presented a request to have Jamie Oldham on this
committee. Jamie’s parents are Litton alumni, he attended LMS, and
has experience with Metro on much needed building issues. The By-
Laws do not prohibit him from being a member. He will not be a
Board member. Melinda Hoffman made a motion, it was seconded,
and Jamie was unanimously approved.


COMMUNICATION: Kay Cunningham announced that a “Save the
Date” was placed in the last issue of the Blast. She requested that
the schedule of notifications be prepared a little sooner to give alumni
plenty of time. On March 15 the first email will be sent out.
Carol Bourque announced that the guest speaker for the Alumni
Banquet would be Reggie Ford. Reggie has an outstanding story to
tell and will be a great asset to the banquet. Kay will promote him as
the speaker in the various mailings and publications.

FUNDRAISING: Kay Cunningham reported that we have a new
vendor for the bricks. We will now be using Hunt’s at a cost of
$40.00. They will now be sold for $60 each and no more discounts
for a purchase of 2 bricks.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Melinda Hoffman has recommended
Kitty Kincaid Woodson from the Class of 1965 to serve on the Board.
Kitty felt honored to be recommended and serve. She is interested in
fund raising. Melinda made a motion, Skip Dean seconded and she
was approved unanimously. She will attend the February meeting.

OUTREACH: Carol Bourque and Phil Watts announced that they
would like to see the Board prepare some type of endowment or trust
for the future of ILHS. The endowment would work in that Litton
Middle School would be able to use the interest from the principal
each year for things needed at the school. This would be a legacy to
leave to the community. Multiple options were discussed including a
black tie fundraiser, the Memorial Foundation matching these funds,
donations, attorney fees, etc. The Board was asked to give thought
to this endeavor. Skip Dean, Jack Benz, and Harvey Fischer will
contact attorneys to get an approximate cost to set up an

The next Board Meeting will be on February 25, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

The March meeting will be on March 24 at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna S. Smith
Board Secretary