Board Minutes / February 2016

February 25, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Benz, Rick Binkley, Carol Bourque, Dave
Brawner, Emily Burrow, Jim Caldwell, Jimmy Clift, Mickey Collier, Kay
Cunningham, Skip Dean, Melinda Hoffman, Charles Kimbrough, Shirley
Parrish, Donna Smith, and Phil Watts

MEMBERS ABSENT: Kaaren Andrews, Harvey Fischer, Joyce Fogarty,
Mary Ridings, and Kitty Woodson.

Meeting called to order by Carol Bourque.  Rick Binkley led the group in
The minutes for both November and January were approved.
The Treasurer’s report was approved.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Kitty Woodson from the class of ’65 was
voted in unanimously and has already joined a committee and working!

GROUNDS AND BUILDING:  Dave Brawner led the first meeting on Feb
10, 2016 and assignments were set for the committee members.
Mickey Collier hung a new flag outside.  Skip Dean fixed the counter tops in
the kitchen.  Long range plans include outside lighting and a new island in
Jamie Oldham has been working on the missing tiles, replacing air filters
and fixing a leak in the fascia.  He is working with Metro and Chara Rand to
resolve these issues.

Reservations were identified as 3 levels – Gym only, Lion’s Hall only, and
both gym and Lion’s Hall.  The Events Package is being tweaked and will
be presented at the March Board Meeting.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Kay Cunningham will now be sending updates for
the handbook via email.

EVENTS: Kay Cunningham updated us on the Alumni  Banquet.  The
Board voted on paying the photographer $100 for his time at the banquet.
Board approved this motion.  Kay states the event is coming along well.
More donations for the silent auction are needed.  Dave Brawner will be the
emcee for the event.  Carol Bourque and Kay are working on finalizing the
schedule for the event.

OUTREACH: ILAA and Litton Middle school have a great relationship.
Phil Watts recommended the ILAA continue to meet with Chara Rand at the
beginning of the school year to see what the school’s needs are and
provide a reception like last year at the first PTO meeting.
Skip Dean will do the drawings for the concession stand.

Discussion of the Endowment project was given by every board member
present.  Harvey Fischer sent an email in absentia that Bill Beck has
agreed to be our attorney in this endeavor at no charge.  Every board
member is in agreement that we proceed with this project.  While no official
vote was taken, the Board agreed to have Phil Watts proceed with further
investigation and information.

The next two meetings will be March 24 and April 28, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Summers Smith
Board Secretary