Board Minutes / March 2016

March 24, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kaaren Andrews, Rick Binkley, Carol Bourque,
David Brawner, Emily Burrow, Jim Caldwell, Jimmy Clift, Mickey Collier,
Kay Cunningham, Skip Dean, Melinda Hoffman, Charles Kimbrough,
Donna Smith, Phil Watts, and Kitty Woodson.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Jack Benz, Harvey Fischer, Joyce Fogarty, Shirley
Parrish, and Mary Ridings.

CALL TO ORDER: Carol Bourque

PRAYER: Phil Watts

WELCOME: Carol Bourque welcomed our newest member, Kitty
Kincaid Woodson, Class of 1965. Kitty shared her impressive background
with us and has already begun serving on the Fundraising Committee.

REPORTS:!! The February, 2016 board meeting minutes were shared
and approved. The February, 2016 Treasurer’s report was discussed and


MERCHANDISE:!! There were no merchandise sales during the month
of March. Shirley Parrish will be rolling off as a member of the board on
July 1, 2016. A replacement is needed.

GROUNDS/BUILDING: Dave Brawner has sent Jamie Oldham a
request for repairs of bathroom doors coming in from the gym and furnace
filters replacement. Tiles have been replaced in Lion’s Hall but they could
not replace the ones in the board room since it was locked at the time.
Dennis Johnson cleans the floors quarterly. Stripping of the floors is done
annually. Dave Brawner is to work on a schedule for cleaning and what is
done during the cleaning. It was suggested that someone look at the area
a day before an event to make sure it is clean and if not, contact someone
to clean. Mickey Collier volunteered to be the contact person for this.

Dave Brawner will also purchase a vacuum cleaner and rent a “fogger” to
rid the memorabilia room of musty odor. A motion was made, seconded,
and approved.

Charles Kimbrough has sent emails re bats but has had no response.

Donna Smith noted that reservations of Lion’s Hall are currently held for 3
class reunions, one in April and 2 in June. A reservation form is now
available to either mail or email to the reunion/event contact person.

FUNDRAISING: Kay Cunningham reported that the banquet is progressing
well. Lewis Lampley will give a CD of the top 20 hits from 1966 to those in
attendance of that class at the luncheon. He will also donate a class photo
to each member present in the class with the most in attendance. A
motion was made, seconded and approved to pay Lewis Lampley $100.00
for his services at the banquet. A pianist will play music from each decade
during the event. A tip jar will be on the piano as a courtesy to her.
Donations are good but more are needed. Members are encouraged to
either donate or contact someone who could.

All brick orders are currently completed by Hunt’s and installed. A photo
will be taken and sent to the person purchasing the brick.

Kay questioned the Alumnus of the Year plague only having 4 slots left and
one being used this year only leaving 3 additional name plates. It was
decided to wait until all are used before purchasing a new plaque or adding
name plates.

COMMUNICATION: Kay Cunningham has updated the various
committees in the handbook with photos of each person serving as well as
the board members currently serving.

OUTREACH: Phil Watts thanked everyone for their comments and
suggestions of an endowment for ILHS. Phil reiterated that this project will
be tough but can be done. At next month’s meeting there will be a
organizational diagram. May’s meeting will have names added and the
plan is that it be ready to be presented at the alumni banquet.

Skip Dean is to check with the codes department regarding the concession
stand and meet for measurements.

Carol Bourque is going to discuss with Chara Rand the possibility of using
the middle school’s address for mail. The PO Box location is inconvenient
and a change is needed.


Carol Bourque discussed the upcoming need of a President Elect once the
new board year begins July 1st. Carol will begin serving on the Outreach
Committee and Phil Watts will be our new President. Nominations greatly
appreciated. Melinda Hoffman will continue as Treasurer and Donna Smith
as Secretary. Replacement nominations for Board members whose term is
expiring will also be needed.

The next Board Meetings will be April 28, 2016 and May 26, 2016, both at
4:00 p.m.

Board Meeting Adjourned


(1) Jerry Newman and Kay Cunningham proposed the purchase of the
calendar system that is currently being used on a trial basis as our
permanent calendar source. The cost is $99.00 per year and can be seen
on the ILAA website. Via email, the purchase of this software was

(2) Kay Cunningham requested approval of one of the two following
options regarding the cost of mailings for the upcoming alumni banquet.

Option 1: To mail to the entire database (now 4106 names) would
cost $2400, including postage.

Option 2: To mail to only those without email addresses (2316
names) would cost $1309, including postage.

If Option 2 is chosen, then we could send out a “final notice” via email to
others and save nearly $1100.

Option 2 was chosen by a majority of the board members.

(3) The following nominees as board members was presented to the Board
from Carol Bourque via email. A resounding yes vote was given by
board members with the exception of Mary Ridings and Rick Binkley
who did not vote.

Lou Flippen Sullivan – Class of 1964
David Eubank – Class of 1968
Linda Ivy Bain – Class of 1964

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Summers Smith

Board Secretary