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This new tab, “Info Share,” has been inserted on the Website’s homepage to offer alumni a more active role in sharing information. The Class Reps communicate information mainly to their own classes, but now this tab can be used to communicate information across class lines to all alumni.

Please send information you wish posted on the website to Kaaren Andrews, Class Rep Committee Chairperson. She will submit it for approval to the Board’s Communications Committee prior to posting on the ILAA Website.  Kaaren may be contacted at email address



Anne Wright Ericson, ILHS Class of 1961
A story with a happy ending about Anne’s survival after breast cancer.  Her career took the high road when she decided to help other women with breast cancer.  CLICK HERE


Michal Maunsell Boyle, ILHS Class of 1958
Courage and strength are only a small part of this story that has played out over a period of many years. During all of Michal’s battles with breast cancer she has never lost her faith in God. Updated September 28, 2018.


Richard Cole Huffman ILHS Class of 1960
With a prognosis of three to five years to live, Richard’s faith remains strong. His desire is to serve the Lord as long as he can.
Your prayers will be appreciated.