Halftime Show DVD

This DVD is the only video with sound available of a complete halftime show involving the Marching 100+. It is from the NFL preseason game between the Chicago Bears and the L.A. Rams held on August 28, 1965 at Vanderbilt’s Dudley Field. This DVD is a copy of the live feed from CBS. The black and white video is a little fuzzy in spots, but the sound is great. The band is introduced on TV by none other than country music crooner Eddie Arnold. Legendary football announcer Ray Scott provides some commentary. This is a must have DVD for all Litton alumni, whether you were in the band or not.

Litton Band DVD I

This DVD contains old home movies containing much of the history of the Marching 100+.Beginning in the 50′s at the Cotton Carnival in Memphis, you will travel in time through several trips to Memphis, practices on Hume Marshall field, the majorettes’ national baton twirling championship in Topeka, Kansas, the color guard’s state championship, the trip to Miami, much of the trip to the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, and an outing to Montgomery Bell State Park.  Although home movies from this time have no sound, music from the Litton Band record albums accompanies this footage.

Litton Band DVD II 

The final DVD starts in California and includes color guard parties, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, more practice footage (including marching on Winding Way and outside of Shelby Park), Nashville Christmas Parades, and band trips to NFL games in Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York.This DVD ends with the huge band reunion in 1991, including various interviews, playing in the band room one final time under the direction of Mr Swor, and the reunion program at Opryland Hotel.

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Preview and order albums of classic recordings of the Isaac Litton Marching One Hundred

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Isaac Litton Marching One Hundred
1961-1962 Disc 1

1. Malaguena
2. Sweethearts
3. I Could Have Danced All Night
4. Espana Cani
5. Marines Hymn
6. Espana Trio
7. No Other Love
8. Malaguena
9. Christmas Suite
10. Themes From Nutcracker Suite
11. Sleigh Ride
12. Amparita Roca
13. Allerseelen
14. French Quarter Suite
15. Them Basses
16. Themes From Offenbach
Isaac Litton Marching One Hundred
1962-1963 Disc 2

1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Litton School Song
3. Homecoming Show
4. Guadalcanal March
5. Grand Entry Swing March
6. Carnival of Melody
7. Golden Eagle March
8. South Pacific Selections
Isaac Litton Marching One Hundred+
1963-1964 Disc 3

1. Sol y Sombra
2. Bugler’s Holiday
3. Barnum and Bailey’s Favorites-March
4. His Honor
5. Litton Band Half-Time Show
6. My Fair Lady
7. Highlights from Gigi
8. George Gershwin Selections
Isaac Litton Marching One Hundred+
1966-1967 Disc 4

1. Bandology
2. Castle Gap
3. Stars And Stripes Forever
4. Parade Of The Charioteers
5. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
6. Man Of La Mancha
7. The Sound Of Music


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