Reserving Facilities


THANK YOU for your interest in hosting your next Alumni-related Event in the facility that we, the Alumni and the Alumni Association hold so dear. This location will always invoke in us the pride we cherish as graduates of ISAAC LITTON HIGH SCHOOL. Though the halls are gone, the spirit remains in these two venues. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

There are TWO options available when determining usage of the Lions’ Hall (in the lower level of the gym) and/or the gymnasium itself (the upper level). The first step is to decide on what date(s) you want your event to be held:



To check the availability of specific dates for your event, please first refer to the calendar above.

How to use the calendar:
• The right and left arrows at the top will advance the page to the next month or months (or preceding month to view previous events.)
• Dates in BOLD and UNDERSCORED have previous bookings, which may or may not interfere with your event needs. (The Alumni Association actively supports Backfield in Motion, an organization dedicated to providing care, guidance and tutoring to our inner-city youth. Even though dates are BOLD and UNDERSCORED on the calendar, the times BIM is utilizing the facility may not interfere with your needs. Please click on your preferred date to see precisely what activity is planned for that time and if the said activity is in Lions Hall or the gym.)
• If the date is NOT BOLD and UNDERSCORED , there is no potential conflict for this date.
• (Or you can click on the heading “Event Calendar” and see these details displayed by month, all on one page).


Option 1. Your group will use only the lower level, which includes use of the Lions’ Hall, access to the Lions’ Den, and use of the kitchen facilities. (Please note: If you choose this option, you can still access the gym for the sole purpose of viewing the facility, as long as no activities are actually taking place in this space.)

Click here RESERVING LIONS’ HALL to access and print out the reservation form for reserving the lower level only. Print out the form, complete and sign it (along with our Hold Harmless Agreement) and send with your non-refundable cleaning payment of $125 as directed on the form. For questions or help, contact:

Kay Rayner Cunningham
(615) 712-8238, or email to

Once your form is completed and payment made, your reservation will be posted on the website calendar and you will be given complete instructions (The Event Packet) for access to the venue and our requests pertaining to its care.

Option 2. The upper level, the gym, will be needed for your event, either in conjunction with the lower level or as the only venue needed.

There is an additional form that must be completed to reserve/utilize the Gym (Upper Level). This form can be accessed and printed by clicking on this link: GYM RESERVATION FORM. (This form is provided by METROPOLITAN NASHVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD for multiple function and was not created specifically for our sole purpose. Many of the “requirements” on this form do not apply to Alumni Associations.) The only sections required by MNPS to be completed for our Alumni booking the space through us are as follows:

On Page 1 – Nothing is required to be completed by Alumni Associations on this page.

On Page 2
1. (Top) Name of Organization, Group or Business (i.e. Class of ????), the School Requested is ILHS, and then enter your contact information
2. (Table Section with Boxes for Checking) Place a checkmark in the box “Other” (last choice at far right) and name your event – i.e. Class Reunion, etc.
3. (Middle of Page 2) Enter the date and time of your event

On Page 3 –Sign their Hold Harmless Agreement

References on this MNPS form regarding costs for cafeteria services or other charges do not apply since you are going through the ILAA. Your only costs would be those shown on the form you complete to reserve and use Lions’ Hall. If you will use only the gymnasium for your event, we gratefully accept any charitable donations to the ILAA for our part in helping you secure your venue. All donations are used to further our community charitable endeavors and are fully tax-deductible as we are a 501-C (3) corporation.

Once your chosen date is confirmed, you will take this completed MNPS reservation form to the office of the principal at Litton Middle School at least two weeks prior to the date being requested. The school Principal or the assistant will help you with this step. (This will allow them sufficient time to schedule maintenance to the gym space before and after your event). Please note: Per MNPS policy, the use of alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in any facility or on school property.

Remember, if you have any questions about completing these forms, call Kay at 615-712-8238.

Click here to see pictures of the facility.